Our search methodology is comprehensive, focused and effective, incorporating unique and effective tools, and contributing to a high rate of success and closure. This "search process" helps to be efficient and successful in achieving the desired result. Our entire staff strives to maintain market awareness and teamwork to provide the highest level of services. Our recruiting efforts are supplemented with an experienced research organization, sophisticated search methodology, extensive information network and a worldwide network.

  We strive to make a significant contribution to the attainment of each clientís business objectives and to consistently recruit the highest quality talent for mission-critical positions. Our goals are:
(1) 1005 success rate on searches
(2) results viewed by our clients as extra-ordinary
(3) to develop long-term win/win relationships.
  We invest considerable time and resources up-front to understand client organizational objectives, culture, etc., and the dynamics, objectives and requirements of the position(s). Then Access Staff Internationalís principals endeavor to identify and attract persons most capable of working and excelling in that specific environment, so that you will have professionals that best fit your unique and critical needs.
  Each Access Staff International consultant is adept at recruiting difficult-to-find, proven skilled talents that may not be included on any database. We aggressively identifies and recruits strong, currently successful individuals who may not be "looking" and therefore, not otherwise be available to you. You receive priority attention from committed search professionals who are accountable and compensated for results.
  Prospective candidate evaluations are exhaustive, and presentations will include objective observations about relevant candidate issues, along with reference comments, relative to your requirements. Access Staff International will look out for your best interests with an insiderís perspective to help attract the person that can success today, and contribute long-term.
  Access Staff Internationalís reputation is built by delivering quickly results in a timely and professional manner. The majority of our business is repeat or referral generated. Our objectives include long-term clients, win/win relationships and exceeding client expectations. Access Staff International will bring enthusiasm and commitment to accomplishing your specific objectives.
  Access Staff International provides the complete solution to all your staffing requirements. We attract top notch candidates for your staffing requirements. We regularly search for extremely hard to find technical professionals. Let us share with you our years of experience in identification, courting, negotiation and closing work for you.
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