1 What is a retained executive search firm?

An organization that acts as a branch of your own company to help fill your executive staffing needs. Retained executive search firms work to develop first hand knowledge of your organization to truly understand your company and culture. We use a proactive process to find the individuals that will best fit your organization and the requirements of your position.

2 How does a retained executive search firm differ from a contingency firm?

A retained executive search firm is hired exclusively for a specific assignment, conducting a customized search tailored to fully meet all the requirements of the client.

3 Why use a retained executive search firm?
We take the time to truly understand our clients, their company, and their culture. We use extensive research methods to identify the industryís highest performers and find the top talent thatís not necessarily looking to be found. We personally screen and interview the candidates prior to presenting them to our clients.


















4 Where do we get our research?
Our research library contains a variety of books, directories, and other periodicals. We also have memberships to national and worldwide associations and utilize electronic resources such as the internet and CD-ROMS.
5 What is the search process?

In the initial meeting with the client, recruiter and researcher draw up the specifications for the position. A list containing the applicable "source" companies within the specified industry is then created. Research reviews industry and company information to identify ideal candidates for a specific position. The recruiting associate contacts targeted individuals with information about the opportunity. Candidates are then heavily screened to determine if they are appropriate to recommend to the client for an interview. Only when the most qualified candidate is secured and the client is satisfied, is the search completed.

6 How do we screen our candidates?
The initial screening is based upon the parameters originally defined with our client. Time is spent on the phone getting to know the individual and learning more about past accomplishments. If he/she meets all the specifications and displays the desired human qualities we then interview the candidate. Once we interview the individual we can then make a determination as to whether or not the candidate should be presented to the client for the interview process.


Do your Homework. Determine if the technical recruiter is an expert in his chosen field and whether they know your business.

Educate the recruiter. Invest time educating the recruiter on your technical requirements, environment, management style and future plans. The more employees within your organization the recruiter can contact to understand your "culture" the better the result.








Be realistic. Decide which background requirements are essential, which are desirable and where compromises can be made.

You get what you pay for. It is important that the recruiter give you a clear idea of current market place compensation packages to help you set realistic expectations.

Give candidates the respect you'd give your employees. How you treat candidates gives than a clear indication of how your company operates ~ conduct the process accordingly.
The offer. Because of conflicting agendas, a search assignment can fail during compensation negotiations. Using the recruiter as a mediator during this time has proven the substantially increase the odds of a successful outcome.



Most high tech companies
enter a search assignment with high expectations and a sense of urgency. Here are some simple measures to ensure success:—
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