A New Idea for American Business
  Access Staff International promotes international understanding and cultural exchange through on-the-job practical training for students, graduate students, and non-students and career professionals. Access Staff International is the official representative in Australia and South East Asia of an American organisation affiliated with the Council for International Training and Study, a not-for-profit corporation, and participates with other national and international sponsors.
  Each year over 10,000 overseas interns are placed with an extremely diverse group of US companies. Major companies in all industries and service areas in the US have participated in internship programs on a continuing basis. Microsoft utilises over 200 interns each year.
  Other companies include Walt Disney World, Smith-Barney, Spring/Global, Citibank, Siemens, Ford Motor, Chrysler Corporation, Gillette, International Paper, Bell South, American Home Products, and American Express International.
  Thousands of qualified interns have been sponsored by US companies since 1950.
  If you are interested in learning more about our practical training internships, or if you are a corporate representative seeking more details, please review the information below and contact us without delay.
Gain valuable experience working and living in the US.   Utilize highly motivated, reliable and intelligent interns.
Earn a reasonable wage that covers all costs of the internship program and living expenses in the US.   Complete projects that have been delayed because of insufficient staff.
Make contacts that are invaluable for future careers in business.   Increase productivity and services.
Engage in productive learning and training activity.   Start new projects that were envisioned but not started for lack of qualified staff.
Establish US work credentials that enhance career advancements.   Train interns to expand your markets in countries throughout the world.
Continue with US company in home country by expanding international markets.   Obtain insight and cultural awareness of overseas markets.
Improve English language skills.   Utilize bilingual activities for communications, writing and marketing.
Make friends that last a lifetime.   Obtain global perspective.
Gain new perspectives about America.      
Spend free time travelling and sightseeing.