Companies that accept Interns are not only major US industries. Small companies with as few as 3 employees to medium size companies with hundreds of employees benefit from qualified Interns. Companies have positions available for almost all occupational and skill areas. They are located throughout the US.
  Practical training positions are available in commerce and business, international trade, information technology and computer science, all types of engineering including electrical, mechanical, structural, landscaping, environmental, architectural, marketing and sales; finance, hotel and restaurant management; education; law; social services; administration and management; social and health-related occupations, excluding direct patient care.
  Positions are available for skilled craftsmen and technicians in all areas of construction, including electrical, cabinetry, tile and marble, welding, sheet metal, steel fabrication, HVAC (heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration). Other skill areas include surveying, printing, CAD design, tool and die making, graphic design and most other skilled trades.
The Training Program
  The internships can be as short as six months to as long as eighteen months, with a starting time at any point during the calendar year.
  The company agrees to a salary or stipend for the intern that will cover their basis expenses while interning for the company. There are not set wage rates. The exact amount of the salary or stipend depends on the intern's qualifications; including education, skills and work experience. Extraordinary applicants with specialised, advanced, or technical skills will receive greater compensation. Interns should receive the same wage rate as any American Intern.
  Housing and
  The intern is responsible for lodging and other personal costs the US. Travel to the US is also the responsibility of the Intern; however, in some cases, the e will pay for travel to the US.
  The program can begin within one month after the applications are completed.
  At the completion of the internship program, the intern will return to their home country. In some cases, the company may thereafter request a waiver that could enable the intern to continue with their employer in the US for 30 days upon completion of the program, prior to returning home.
  Administrative/Sponsorship fees are paid by the Intern or the company depending upon the ability to pay and agreement. Companies will generally pay a salary at an agreed upon hourly rate. Health insurance and workman's compensation are additional costs. Access Staff International can arrange health insurance at a very low monthly charge of US$50.00 per month per intern. There are no additional fees.