How to Become an Intern
  All applicants must have English language ability. The fluency of the English language depends upon the positions. Interns that are involved in marketing may need greater language skills than Interns involved in the skilled trades or information technology. Interns can be students, college graduates, skilled technicians without college degrees, or career professionals. Interns must be at least 18 years of age and in most cases less than 35 years of age. The educational and experience qualification of the intern is determined by the requirements of the position offered by the US company.
The caliber of the intern will be exhibited in academic achievements, professional experience and strong work ethic.
  Only qualified interns that are selected by the company
will enter the program. After pre-screening by Access Staff International, the company will review detailed resumes that include biographical and educational information, interview the applicants by telephone or in person if they have an overseas representative, and select only those best suited for their needs.
Participation by Company and Intern
The company acts as a host where the intern is placed. The company is not a sponsor. The sponsor provides the necessary work authorization. The company should receive a mutual value by participating in the internship and the intern must be willing to fulfil the mutually agreed duties..
The company should provide proper supervision and the intern must be willing to learn and participate on a full time basis.
The company should have the intern participate in real life business experiences and American business practices and techniques. The intern must contribute their professional skills and knowledge to the company's operations.
The company should expose the Intern to multiple aspects of the Company's operations and the should have knowledge and be educated in a field of study relevant to the company.
Access-Staff International Role      
Pre-screen the interns for education, prior work experience, and skills that match the requirements of the company. Also, pre-screens for fluency in the English language based upon the requirements of the position. Arranges for interviews with the Intern Applicant.   Maintains contact with the US company and the Intern throughout internship for an optimal working relationship, and to make sure that the goals and objectives of the training plan are met.
Integrates top trainees with companies for mutually rewarding opportunities that encourage widening of international perspectives and long-term links with foreign partners and markets.   Makes available a special health insurance policy to the employer at a cost of US$50.00 per month per Intern.
Assists the US company to develop an effective and acceptable orientation and training plan.   Coordinates the overall placement process, visa application, health insurance arrangements and accommodations in the US.
Assists each intern to meet all legal requirements for immigration and to facilitate the visa application and approval process.      
Access Staff International coordinates all immigration matters and the sponsor issues a J-1 visa for practical training. The intern completes the Application Form. The US business reviews the qualifications of the intern. Upon acceptance, the Intern pays the administrative fees. The sponsor will then issue the Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status (IAP-66), which the Intern will submit as part of an Application for J- 1 visa approval, along with supporting documentation to the US Embassy in their home country. Processing time varies depending upon the country. Generally, countries require 2-4 weeks.
After being admitted to the US, the Intern is eligible to stay in the US for the amount of time listed on the IAP-66 Form (12 or 18 months) plus 30 days to depart.

This visa category is used by foreign students, scholars, experts, medical interns and residents, "international visitors", and industrial and business trainees to enter the United States as "exchange visitors," in U.S. government approved Exchange Visitor Programs, for the purpose of gaining experience, studying, or doing research in their respective fields.
(a) Application Process
The U.S. sponsor must proceed through an Exchange Visitor Program designated by the U.S. Information Agency (USIA), the government agency that oversees and approves all such programs. Sponsors may:-
Proceed through already-established programs within their own organizations.
Bring J visa holders to the U.S. through another organization's program, provided the eligibility requirements of that organization are met.
Establish their own exchange-visitor program by applying to the USA.
The sponsor of an Exchange-Visitor Program is empowered by the USIA to issue a Certificate of Eligibility for each exchange visitor. USIA approval for each exchange visitor is not required. Once the Certificate of Eligibility is issued, the exchange alien must take the certificate to a U.S. consulate to apply for issuance of a J-1 visa.