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Partner with Access Staff International and you will have better odds of landing the top person. Attracting talent is a team sport.

Trust and Mutual respect is important. Access Staff International present only good candidates capable of doing the job. You should not have to pre-screen candidates. Occasionally we may recommend a person based on intangibles that don’t show up on a resume. Sometimes those are the best candidates.

Urgency. The more time that passes, the more bad things can happen. If a person is good, a high probability exists that other firms are also in pursuit and/or that the recruiter’s inquiry may open "Pandora’s box". People want to be wanted…delays cause doubt and might give a competing company the opportunity to hire your person. The proper timing of an offer is very important.
Communication is highly essential. Elaborate on the requirements and selling points in advance, return phone calls promptly. Access Staff International will strategize and cooperate with you throughout the process. A good game plan is important, and team execution is critical.
Sell and help sell — mediocrity can be hired, exceptional talent must be recruited. Blue chip athletes rarely go to a university that doesn’t do an effective job of selling. Recruits must be "sold" on the attributes of that program. National Championships are won by consistently recruiting top talent for key positions, and by coaching (or managing) that talent most effectively. At Access Staff International, we recognize that a "recruited" candidate is usually not "looking" but is receptive to a better career opportunity and must be made to feel sought after. A good candidate needs to be convinced of the advantages of your opportunity. Why would a good person, happily employed, quit a good job to come to work for you? Build a case and give your recruiter ammunition to help sell, also and be open to suggestions about how you might present the opportunity, what hurdles exist and how to clear them. Access Staff International will work closely with you.
Create a win/win proposition. Consult with Access Staff International about when, how, how much, and what to offer. This will help ensure that the offer made is right. Lowball offers, in today’s strong market, usually generate turndowns. Strong talent is in great demand today and is being pursued by numerous good companies. Don’t let a couple thousand dollars stand in your way of attracting the person that can make or save you millions.
Be flexible. Each individual is different, and has different priorities and issues. The willingness to accommodate a good person’s needs, creating a win/win arrangement, will many time be the key to getting and keeping that top performer.
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  Top talent can make or save money well in excess of salary and search fee investment. Many companies expect to gain a return of at least 5 times the salary of an employee.


Good recruiters cannot only identify better than otherwise available talent, but they can partner with you to help land the winners you want. Nothing is more frustrating for you than to identify, interview and offer a great person a job, only to have the offer declined. Everyone loses ~ a significant time and emotional investment, and lost potential return (opportunity cost) for that person. Consider the following:-