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Local, National
and International Recruitment
Our search ability extends across Australia and the US through our global network of over 1500 associate professional recruitment firms. This inter-continental reach offers you an exciting range of candidates and an assurance that you are selecting from among the very best prospects. Even international firms with large human resources departments cannot come close to matching the strength and viability of this kind of service.



and Alliances
While most of are familiar with notions of service innovations and cost-efficiency of doing more with less and doing it better, it's certain that the future belongs to those enterprises that can put these concepts into practice.
At Access Staff International, we have made a commitment to keep doing things better and better so that we can earn your business and keep it. We are determined to help you realise a bright future with human resource solutions that will make the difference in your enterprises for years to come.
Creating an
International Workforce Pool
Finding quality personnel to work international assignments is difficult and as global expansion intensifies, human resource professionals will need talent that is predisposed to and that can be trained for, offshore work. Developing an international workforce pool is a good place to start. With offices throughout the world, Access Staff International Pty. Ltd. work hard to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our knowledge of both information technology and personnel resources makes us the ideal firm for your human resource needs. We have Immigration Practicing Law with over 20 years experience.