Learn Asian Culture
It takes more than a two-week trip staying in hotels to understand a culture. You'll live in a neighbourhood, shop its markets, become a regular at favourite restaurants and pubs. Asian colleagues, students and their families become close friends. You'll dine with them, travel, visit their homes, celebrate holidays and festivals. You'll gain an intimate understanding of the community and culture.
Meet New Friends
You'll meet new friends from home, from your host country, and from all over the world. In your school, your apartment complex, your neighbourhood, around town, during travels. Some will be acquaintances, some will become life-long friends.

Frequently asked questions and answers


Benefits vary among countries. Besides training and salary, most Korean schools offer paid vacation days, airfare, FREE housing accommodations, and health care options. Korean income taxes are low (usually 3% -7%). That, coupled with free housing and a lower cost of living, provides a chance to save, travel or pay bills back home.
Submit your resume, 2 passport or wallet size photos, and completed application form to Access Staff International, indicating a FIRM availability date and commitment. If offered a job, we'll send you a contract to sign and then help you obtain a working visa. After that, you're on your way!
See the World
See the world without joining the military or Peace Corps. See it for more than a few weeks vacation. We offer you the opportunity to live abroad for one year. Explore your host country and see others in the surrounding region before returning home. Stay a second year, or third, if you like.
Adventure of a Lifetime
Living and working abroad for a year is a rare and valuable gift. Not everyone has the capability or opportunity to experience it. For those who do, the adventure is good for a lifetime. You will become a regular patron at Internet Cafes, rifling off messages to friends and family back home. They will look forward for your e-mails, telling of foods, people, fashion and culture.
A Job for You
Teach conversational English in Asia. We are currently placing people in South Korea. Take advantage of the many opportunities available to native English speakers like yourself. We are sending qualified candidates on a one-year assignment every month!
No Experience Necessary
Experience and credentials are welcome, but not necessary as long as you are a native English speaker and have a 4-year college degree - in any major. Foreign language skills are not required in the classroom. The school will show you what to do.
Make a Difference
You'll be teaching English to those who want a better future employment opportunities. You'll watch your students advance in their English conversation skills, and you'll know that you made a difference in their life.
Gain Global Skills
ESI, jobs are everywhere, including the US, but many require experience. You'll gain that experience, enabling you to shop for jobs anywhere in the world. International business seeks people with global skills. International flights, currency exchange, negotiating local transportation, foreign banking and wire transfers, global phone and internet communications, not to mention foreign friends and contacts, or foreign languages acquired. It's a valuable edge on your resume and future.