Aviation is a growth business!
The demand for experienced high-caliber
flight crews is rising fast, leading to global skill shortage
and recruitment difficulties. How will you ensure that your operation
continues to match its demand for crew in this rapidly shifting market?
We believe we have the answer.
  Our crew
leasing programs
give airlines
and aircraft operators
the power to:-

minimize start-up time.

Maintain flexible staff-levels during fleet replacement or expansion.

Resource short-term crews for seasonal operations.
Cover shortfalls encountered during conversion training.
    Explore new markets without committing to permanent employees.

Access Staff Internationalís cost effective crewing solutions allow you to make savings on training, recruiting and employment costs, giving you instant availability to experienced crews from all around the world. We maintain a large database of staff, enabling us to react as quickly as possible to large operational requirements as well as to individual crew posts. All applicants are pre-screened and interviewed face-to-face where necessary to ensure an accurate match is made with each client.

Once on assignment, we take on board all administrative, payroll and contractual responsibilities for our crew. The high level of support and expertise given to our clients and crew alike is a fundamental part of the professional management service we offer.